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This agreement is made between Eternitygirls (the Agency) and the Escort (the Registered Party)


1. The agency acts solely as introduction agency for the registered party always provided that the registered party makes herself available for work at dates and times to be agreed between the parties.
2. Whilst engaged upon business supplied via the agency, the registered party should be of smart appearance and will not be under the influence of any illegal substances or be impaired by alcohol. Further more the registered party should not do anything of a tortuous or criminal nature that might affect the agency or its business or bring it into disrepute.
3. The registered party will attend all bookings she arranges but may refuse to attend a booking if for any reason she feels it inappropriate but shall notify the agency accordingly.
4. The agency will use its best endeavours to promote the registered party including the electronic publication of photographs of the registered party submitted by that party. The agency retains the right to publish those photographs on the internet or in any other medium it deems appropriate to promote the registered party and the registered party consents to the same.
5. The agency reserves the right to alter, enhance, improve or develop its service but shall give reasonable notice to the registered party in the event that any of the enhancements improvements or developments affect the registered party directly.
6. The registered party confirms that she will be available for work at times and dates agreed between the parties and in the event of the registered party not being so available as agreed, the agency reserves the right to provide any further introductions to the registered party. It is the responsibility of the registered party to inform the agency of any change in circumstances in regards to the registered party that might affect her ability to be available for work and/or to be contacted by the agency.
7. The registered party will use discretion in all her dealings with any clients of the agency and will under no circumstances reveal any personal details of any client to a third party unless that third party is authorized by law to receive such information and/or where it would be a legal duty to give such information to an authorized third party.
8. The registered party will not offer by, for or on the agencys behalf any services of an intimate personal or sexual nature to any client of the agency whether for payment or otherwise.
9. The registered party warrants that she has no criminal convictions for any offence of a nature relating to her honesty or morality unless the Rehabilitation of offenders Act applies.
10. The agency confirms it will use its best endeavours to obtain work for the registered party but can give no guarantees to the frequency and/or volume of such work and will not be responsible for any loss of work due to technical or other failures which prevents the agency from functioning.
11. The agreement may be terminated by either party giving forty-eight hours notice of termination.
12. In the event of any breach of the above terms and conditions by the registered party, the agency reserves the right to terminate this agreement forthwith.
13. This agreement represents the entire terms and conditions between the parties and may not be varied save and except in further writing signed by both parties hereto.
14. AND IT IS FURTHER DECLARED THAT the registered party is over 18 years old has the right under any immigration statue or law for the time being in force to be in the United Kingdom lawfully and is self employed and shall be responsible for payment of her own income tax and national insurance payments at whatever rate is currently in force and nothing in this agreement express or implied make her an employee of the agency.

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